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About Us

We are EMB-CAR

Environmental Management Bureau

Initially established as a supporting body for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 1987, the Philippine Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) became a line bureau with its own offices and independent enforcement authority in 2002. It is the national authority responsible for pollution prevention and control, and environmental impact assessment..

  • EMB is guided by the vision of a nation empowered to protect its finite natural resources in pursuit of sustainable development, to ensure a healthy environment that enhances the Filipino quality of life for present and future generations. Its mission is to restore, protect, and enhance environmental quality towards good public health, environmental integrity, and economic viability.

  • EMB operates offices at the central, regional, provincial and community levels throughout the Philippines.

EMB-CAR Systems

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Permits and Clearances Information System / Industry Information System

Database of all Permits/Clearances of an Industry/Firm/Proponent.

Preventive Maintenance I.S.

Automated ISO-related Preventive Maintenance Activity.

Human Resource Information System

Attendance for WFH. Pass Slip applications?.

Property Inventory System

Database of all Tangible properties of the bureau.

Document Digital Signing System

Request for Digital Signature.

Visitor Information System

Visitor Logging, statistics.

Healthcare Waste Information System

Healthcare Waste statistics.

Laboratory Information and Management System

For JRs use. hehe wala pa description.

Vehicle Dispatch System

Vehicle Dispatch


Myla Amogan

Overall Supervisor, PISMU

Perlita Mauri

Planning Officer

Marvin Clarke Karsten Balanon


Mark Francis M. Marasigan

Hardware, Software, Network Support

Sandra P. Guway


Kurt Bryan C. Sampaga

Information Systems Programmer

Gabriel O. Mendoza

Information Systems Implementation and Support


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us thru the details shown here

2nd Floor EMB-CAR Building
DENR Cmpd., Gibraltar, Baguio City


(074) 665-2905 loc. 206

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